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We provide a range of education-related products and services to suit your school and departmental needs.

Our recruitment services assist both schools and educators to find the perfect fit by searching for high quality and experienced candidates to meet the requirements of the available roles.


Our large selection of hands-on and engaging training and workshops provide professional development opportunities for educators to improve their teaching skills. 

School Improvement

Through school visits and in-class observations, our team will develop a tailored professional development  program that specifically meets your school and departmental needs.

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We are a Dubai-based training and education consultancy focused on the improvement of effective teaching practices. Our consultants work with schools to make a difference across the Middle East through bespoke training and consulting services. This includes one-off consults, a series of workshops or a full school improvement program. 

our highly experienced team of consultants provides school management with the insight and advisory needed to help move the school forward. Through a tailored plan that includes mock inspections, class visits and coaching and mentoring, we work diligently with educators to ensure quality education standards are being met.

Our cross-cultural and multi-lingual expertise gives us unique insight and ability to cater to the challenges currently facing Arabic, Islamic Education, Social Studies and Moral Education departments. We understand that teachers come from varying backgrounds in education, with different outlooks on teaching and learning. In order to unify and improve this framework, it is important to bridge the gaps between Western pedagogy and Arabic/Islamic culture by providing specialized training for those teachers.


Our team has developed a program geared toward the overall improvement of the quality of teaching and learning across the Middle East. Our techniques incorporate the most recent teaching methodologies and practices and are tailored to suit the needs of each school and department's needs. Our recruitment services ensure that the most qualified candidates are matched with the best schools and have the necessary requirements for the available positions while our workshops inspire and energize teachers, benefit schools and improve students' performance. 

We are committed to improving standards


Lesley Isherwood,
Principal, Al Yasat International School

Student-centered learning experience is now witnessed in every class with the group of activities learned from Risalla’s workshops and coaching sessions. The staff are now able to plan engaging lessons for students of all ages from KG1-G6, and understand the importance of thorough and detailed planning and assessment of all students. Very importantly, this has contributed significantly to most positive recent inspection and accreditation outcomes for these subject areas and the associated teaching, learning and curriculum.

Ghadeer Abu Shamat,
Principal, GEMS Al Khaleej National School

The Risalla Education team was successful in providing informative, very well presented, and enjoyable training sessions with a wealth of effective strategies and tools to assist our teachers in this up-hill journey. The teachers were inspired and fully engaged in the workshops. Their response to the training sessions was positive and they immediately applied the learned tools and strategies in their classrooms.

Joe Ravesi,
Secondary Principal- American International School of Abu Dhabi

Risalla's continuous and constructive feedback helped our teachers adopt new teaching techniques to create a student centered learning experience in their classrooms. The Risalla team clearly demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment in working with our teachers. They have the professional knowledge and understanding of the challenges Arabic teachers face in an international school setting.


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